Quince Planning

As a parent you have always dreamed of having an enchanted Quinces celebration for your beautiful daughter from the minute you laid eyes on her. The Fabulous Quince package will help you in all of your planning, from the moment we meet to the very last dance of your magnificent daughter’s special day. This package includes full day of management services. We will help you every step of the way to make this day everything you dream of. We promise to make the fabulous Quinceanera feel like nothing less than whom she is, a princess. Our team is looking forward to taking the load off your shoulders and taking care of every little detail so that you can sit back and watch us enchant the celebration for your precious daughter Quinces. We will meet with you to go over all the details of the process on a regular basis

The Fabulous Quince Packages includes...

* Post Planning

* Event Planning 

Package Breakdown

Detailed Planning

10 hours

Review Vendor Contracts

3 hours

Follow Up Meetings Vendor

5 hours

Wrap Up Meetings/Timeline

3 hours

Court Rehearsals/Vendor Confirmations

4 hours

Miscellaneous (Invitations, Guest List, Seating Charts)

5 hours

Day of Coordination Services

up to 10 hours

Planning Details 


(12-18 months)

Choose the date and discuss possible themes

(12-18 months)

Reserve the party hall

(12-18 months)

Hire a photographer

(10 months)

Choose court of honor

(7-8 months)

Buy a 15 dress

(6-7 months)

Limo rental for best choices/early bird specials

(6-7 months)

Hire a DJ and or a band

(6 months)

Invitations and guestbook

(6 months)


(3-4 months)

Quinceanera cake

(3 months)

Themed decorations/Party Favors

(3 months)

Quince choreographers

(2-4 months)


(3 months)

Checklist of ceremonial gifts that will be give to the Quinceanera

(2 months)

Hair and Makeup appointments

(2 months)